About Me

brewMy name is Ciretta and I am usually eating something. Having Italian in my blood means I have an emotional connection with food that cannot be easily replaced; I attempt to channel this unhealthy energy into writing. I’ve changed a lot over the years of The Very Hungry Cirettapillar, but one thing is for sure: I will always be very hungry. I’m going to stop milking that now. 

I use my blog to write about my own thoughts and feelings, politics, injustice, veganism, the curiosities of people, the wonders of educational opportunity, love, freedom, happiness and more. This happens sporadically around studying for my undergraduate degree in Education with Psychology and Counselling, my university placements, my commitments as president of the Socialist Workers’ Student Society at Sheffield Hallam University and everyday stuff like spending time with the fabulous beings that associate themselves with me and trying to save the world. I love hearing others’ thoughts on what I have to say and hope to get you all thinking and spark some marvelous debates! 

I feel like I’ve just finished one of those worksheets at primary school that ask you all about your favourite things and what you want to do when you grow up, (writer, psychologist or archaeologist) so I’m going to do some grown up things now like Photoshop my face onto The Arbiter.

Also please don’t refer to this About Me section as some kind of indication of my quality of writing. Ever.

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